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occurring close together in bunches or clusters

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Characters who at one moment are bewailing the indifferent behaviour of their girls (sporting beehive hairdos, bunchy kneelength skirts and in-your-face attitudes) appear suddenly as musicians and singers in the band.
Effect of banana bunchy top virus infection on morphology and growth characteristics of banana.
Bio hardening with plant growth promoting rhizosphere and endophytic bacteria induce systemic resistance against Banana bunchy top virus (BBTV) in banana.
It also brings Bunchy Carter back into public consciousness and provides audiences with an insight into recent history they seldom find in conventional media and educational sources.
After the cane formation, the attacked plants show peculiar bunchy top.
But the abaca bunchy top virus (ABTV) which hit the Bicol Region, also affected Region 8, particularly Southern Leyte.
Say sayonara to too-tiny triangles and buh-bye to bunchy bottoms.
Rickettsial relative associated with papaya bunchy top disease.
We have to look at it and we are top of a bunchy, but five defeats in a row and you can see confidence has been affected.
I have seen how much you love these dogs, and now that you know how to train them by the book, I'll give you a pup to show all these bunchy bastards in Bucharest and their poor excuses for a dog how it's really done.
The January 1969 killings of LA Panthers Bunchy Carter and John Huggins took place on the UCLA campus.
Merits of cultivating this cultivar are it can withstand under water-logging, resistant to Fusarium wilt and fairly resistant to bunchy top disease.
Cluster IV comprised of eight genotypes, which include bunchy type, appressed type, exotic material, somaclone and heat tolerant genotypes.