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any of various grasses of many genera that grow in tufts or clumps rather than forming a sod or mat


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He describes the habitat as a heavy forest of "tree-yuccas" [Joshua trees]," which is flanked by an open adobe plain supporting a scanty growth of bunchgrass and afileria [filaree], including the bases of the bordering hills and mountains.
They also constructed 16 aviaries and planted more than 5,000 native bunchgrass (Eragrostis variabilis) plants to provide cover and nesting habitat for the ducks.
Perched in the pine tree was a bird I hadn't seen since I was a juvenile delinquent harassing the wild citizens of the bunchgrass hills in the Rocky Mountain Trench.
Butterflies, Cave Spiders, Milk-Vetch, Bunchgrass, Sedges, Lilies,
Tall fescue is classified as a perennial long-lived bunchgrass that is extremely competitive (Ball et al.
Changes in ponderosa pine bunchgrass ranges in northern Arizona resulting from pine regeneration and grazing.
Spanning more than 400 square miles, Zumwalt Prairie s ocean of bunchgrass is home to hundreds of bird species, 50 different kinds of butterflies, and iconic animals like elk and gray wolves.
Not just because you can't see any bison in Glacier today, but because historically, they were thought to limit their grazing to lower-elevation bunchgrass meadows and lush river valleys.
Switchgrass is a perennial warm-season (C4) bunchgrass native to most of North America east of the Rocky Mountains, where it was historically a major component of the tall-grass prairie.
Luk-wah is a Kalapuyan word meaning "grass," and a recent prescribed burn of 48 acres in the prairie shows burning techniques used to improve the health of the bunchgrass communities and the wetland ecosystem.
He sees the invasion of wild oat into California and its displacement of the native bunchgrass as a metaphor for the human story that the botanical process paralleled; David Wyatt, Five Fires: Race, Catastrophe, and the Shaping of California (Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley Publishing Co.
This led to a shift from a bunchgrass or shrub-dominated understorey to a dense, suppressed midstorey of mixed woody species.
Thousands of clumps of native wiregrass, a tall bunchgrass that resembles baling wire, have also been planted.