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SO the bun-fight is over and we came out of it pretty well.
After all your years of wide open heartache and enclosed space, your newly travelled road has brought you here to Dublin and a big old bun-fight in your honour.
During the weekly lunchtime bun-fight that is Prime Minister's Questions, it's standing room only with MPs from all sides happy to take part in a tradition that often descends into pantomime.
I hope that the number of people who followed last week's marathon bun-fight shows there is a healthy level of interest in local democracy in Huddersfield.
Yes, that's the premise behind this new series, which sees former supermodel Twiggy oversee the bun-fight to end them all.
From then on it's a free draw, which makes the bun-fight even harder to call.
The S-Type was voted the Scottish Car of the Year at the AA-sponsored glittering bun-fight at Gleneagles last October.
At low speed you don't get the effect of aerodynamics so it is going to be a bun-fight all the way down to Luffield," he said.
is being used as a pawn in a political bun-fight where Labour are desperate to gain Brownie points.
The Stourbridge director of rugby is concerned that a loss in the North East, followed by difficult fixtures against National Two pace-setters Redruth and Birmingham & Solihull next month, could leave his side starting the New Year with something of a bun-fight on their hands.
I WILL be off to Dewsbury this evening to report on the bun-fight that is the monthly meeting of Kirklees Council.
Just one more formal bun-fight on the 19th, then off to Wales.
The hope is that there will be some sort of sensible distribution rather than a no-holds-barred bun-fight for the big names that will drive wages up ridiculously.
My night had started in Glasgow's Eurasia Restaurant where the effervescent James Mortimer had laid on a corporate VIP bun-fight with top chef Ferrier Richardson.
The Dolphins are also the lowest-scoring outfit left in the bun-fight.