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Synonyms for bumpy

Synonyms for bumpy

causing or characterized by jolts and irregular movements

covered with or full of bumps

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The landing strip, no more than half a mile from the camp is less bumpy than some and is one of perhaps two dozen spread around the huge reserve 200 miles long and 50 miles wide.
NASDA and National Aeronautical Laboratory engineers added some modifications to the vehicle to reduce the bumpy effects.
Eva Hesse, with her lumpy, handmade sculpture, her bumpy, dramatic personal life, and her premature death at the age of thirty-four, has long been something of a heroine in college art departments, not unlike Frida Kahlo or Sylvia Plath.
The combination of these two IASB members, coupled with the hi-technology industry's ability to re-ignite its swift and concentrated political opposition -- as witnessed almost seven years ago -- will make the new IASB's priority agenda indeed a very bumpy ride.
The story, about love and danger and growing up, races along throttling the reader over bumpy village roads, past sharp contrasts of pungent flavors of spicy meats, lush vegetables and delicate pastries of the markets; richly textured fabrics, silks and embroideries; and the ghostly remains of what was once a brilliant vibrant city.
If you build your board strategically, it can open doors and bring skills and experiences that will help you weather the bumpy ride ahead of you," Greenberg noted.
i - streets equals 1 equals 2, 1 bumpy, bumpy 2 1 greasy, greasy 2, asphalt 1 asphalt 2, wide, borzobohatego, plot no 315/5, 587, 508/2, 509/1, 334 / 1, 488, 477/5, 473, 474/6.
On their website, GM states that several factors can increase the likelihood of ignition failure in the recalled vehicles; factors include heavy key rings, bumpy roads, or other jarring events.
The last portion of chocolate lumpy bumpy - a delicious dessert including mousse and biscuit - was quickly chosen, followed by the last three portions of toffee lumpy bumpy.
Charlie, a pupil at Shepley First School, won Young Rider of the Year 2010 for Bumpy, a Birstall-based charity which offers on and off-road motorcycle training for young people.
The McLaren driver, out of contention for this year s title, complained that the road circuit was dusty and bumpy and that improvements promised last year had not been implemented.
It was bumpy and windy and didn't make for good football.
It has been a long and bumpy journey, but it is rewarding.
A lump, swelling or bumpy areas that feel different to the rest of your breast tissue.
As your guy friend found out, the area feels bumpy, dry and sandpapery.