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Synonyms for bumptious

Synonyms for bumptious

offensively self-assertive

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Austen's early fiction is outrageous, inventive, bumptiously irreverent, and even (as she herself might say) inelegant; most of Gillray's visual satires are all that and more, bloody and violent, scabrous and scatological and even revolting.
It was a perfect experience of the work, bumptiously unspooling the entire visit and highlighting the oeuvre's off-kilter poise.
It moved next into core high-school courses where districts found themselves with teacher shortages--math, science, foreign languages--and has been growing bumptiously, and in a dozen directions, ever since.
Absent are most of the expected vices and virtues of the young poet: no technical howlers; no tears for a lost garden of earthly delights; no ranting and raving against the established society; no bumptiously imperative subjective moods.
the bumptiously sexist officer in "Rich and Rare were the Gems She Wore," though the colleen in the case is more than a little inclined towards the virginal.