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the texture of a surface that has many bumps

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We do as much as we can physically but you can't train for the bumpiness of the circuit, so it's tough for us.
All series show a clear decline during 2009, with some bumpiness in the growth rate graphs in the middle of the figure.
Learning benefitted in some cases from bumpiness in middle epochs of the leveling trend, evidence of idiosyncratic association building (Mitchell 1997).
Part of this was a reaction to the bumpiness of the adoption process, part of it just a byproduct of who we are: overly ruminative, insecure people.
A spike in unemployment claims Thursday underscored the bumpiness of the U.
All this bumpiness certainly makes sport of medium-specificity (the paintings are "a critique of idealistic modernism," Halley pointed out, with some understatement, in the same 1982 text).
A detected bumpiness in the folders noticed by the inspectors while examining the package through the inspection and x-ray machines triggered their suspicion.
The reigning world champion had produced indifferent performances in practice on Friday and earlier yesterday complained about the bumpiness of the Marina Bay street circuit.
It comes blasting out of the blue on your airplane flight: sudden bumpiness and sometimes even a violent plummeting.
Too much bumpiness or unevenness can be corrected by pulling on the wool with a toothpick, or by compressing the upper layer with the needle.
The Rovers pitch has been poor in recent games and coach Paul Trollope said his side had struggled to cope with the bumpiness during Tuesday's 1-0 win over Oldham.
Not surprisingly, then, Darwin devoted considerable mental efforts to improving the quality of carriages, designing an improved steering mechanism and mulling over the bumpiness of the ride.
The emotional bumpiness that may have been evident to some Taurus folk yesterday, may on the face of it be less evident.
The logs were chosen in such a way that their external features (volume, diameter, length, bumpiness, taper, and bow) extended as much as possible over very large intervals.