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reading materials (documents, written information) that you must read and deal with but that you think are extremely boring

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It contains GCSE level mathematical theories along with a load of basic bumph about our planet - a kind of inter-galactic travel brochure that says: "'Come and visit Earth - you'll find the people friendly, backward and good potential slaves.
Others have lined up to put the boot in, with Walkers Crisps, Haven Holidays and Weetabix among those who've upset the natives by omitting the holiday hotspot's distinct profile from their marketing bumph down the years.
DUMP THE TRASH AND FREE UP FLOOR SPACE Dump what you don't need, archive past papers and store current bumph in an orderly fashion.
I received a large handful of bumph through my letterbox yesterday and nothing else, and this suggests to me that the posties have to deliver this rubbish to every door whether they have any real mail to deliver or not.
Then in the classic recipe test, they have to interpret two old chestnuts - duck a l'orange and mousse au chocolat or, as the press bumph promises, "mouse au chocolat".
Business had long belly-ached about how life was made more difficult for them by the amount of bureaucratic bumph and time-consuming regulations demanded by government ( national and local )( when it came to putting forward development plans.
We've had lots of bumph but no concrete evidence that they're prepared to do something.
In fact,many of the population -1,130 according to the tourist bumph -were either too elderly to move off their benches (thereby making the sign `La Redorte,danger de mort',on one lamp post seem more a likelihood than a warning).
His show is a weird mix of topical satire (well, at least that's what the press release bumph says but I couldn't see any evidence of that), highprofile visitors and outside broadcasts.
15 million people who have so far bought a stakeholder pension and found that six out of ten who picked the product without asking an IFA or the provider for advice believed they had received advice by merely reading the FSA's own 'decision tree' guides or the seller's advertising bumph.
If you read all the bumph the manufacturers sent out in advance it was easy to gauge that this was going to be one of the dullest ever.
The People's pledge is not to bore you with bumph - but our coverage will intensify as the campaign reaches its climax.
But don't be taken in by the marketing bumph that will undoubtedly land on your doormat.
Surely for the sake of reading nine pages of bumph, only four paragraphs of which are relevant to how to complete your team lines, it's not too much to ask a club to get it right?
One of the pieces of bumph was a sticker bearing the slogan, 'Take an old bag shopping'.