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Synonyms for bummer

a great disappointment or regrettable fact

one who begs habitually or for a living

Words related to bummer

an experience that is irritating or frustrating or disappointing

a bad reaction to a hallucinogenic drug

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I see it affecting young girls who come to our shows, and that's a bummer.
It may be a real bummer but she still manages to turn the other cheek and put the bad things well and truly behind her.
It's a bummer, it was senior night, and for a lot of these kids this was the last game of their careers," Faer said.
Now Angel is suing for EUR50,000 on the grounds of hurt feelings, which you might think is what he had inflicted on his priest by telling him his sermon was a bummer.
The biggest bummer about having tics is that you can't make them stop no matter how hard you try, and believe me I have tried
Klein calls the malaise memo an "intellectual tour de force" and a "total bummer.
A boom that won't work on your MLRS is a real bummer.
Each poem is only a page or two long, succinctly defining a given term for lay readers as well as its implications for someone looking to make Moolah and avoid a Bummer.
He was a man about town, his mangy dogs Bummer and Lazarus at his side.
In the beginning, I'm sure that many merchants were still feeling a little ominous, for business in recent years hasn't been good, as we all know, and Black Friday has been a bummer.
What a bummer, as some of my Gen X friends like to say.
Depressed prices and white spot disease have combined to make the shrimp operations a bummer for the company, which is based in North Haledon, New Jersey, USA, but has branches all over the world.
For the still-humanistic Benjamin, the presumed loss of humanity is a bummer.
a purebred Columbian ram, two geese, a bummer purebred Suffolk ewe lamb, ten Araucana laying hens and a rooster, two broody Araucana hens with eggs, five silky Banties, and four peafowl.