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a waist pack worn with the pouch in back


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THEY went from spray tan to sprinting and ditched the botox for bumbags - just to be trained by former Welsh rugby star Gareth Thomas.
html WHAT TO TAKE * As well as your hard hat and comfortable riding clothes we recommend the following; bumbag, lipsalve, sun protection cream factor 20 or higher, short boots and chaps.
Then she constructed a clothes rack, hung a billion shirts on it, then took out a trestle table, covered it with plush black cloth so as to show off her fine range of brown and grey men's knitwear, and strapped on a bumbag full of change.
I sound as shallow as a puddle I know, but when I see a shiny new bag, whether it be a clutch, a maxi, a tote - I probably wouldn't say no to a bumbag - I just have to have it.
I'm not saying that everyone without a bumbag is going to get jumped, I just think that if you're swaggering down the street with an absolute belter of a sack hanging from your hips, then few robbers are likely to mess.
Right - top PS14, shorts PS10, bumbag PS4, sunglasses PS3, ring PS2, all at Primark | Below: Left - dress PS12, bag PS4, headband PS3, sunglasses PS3, necklace PS1.
He's a giant of a man with long blonde hair and a bumbag.
A suicide note was found in a bumbag he was wearing at the scene on Mumbles Road in the early hours of September 14 last year.
My bumbag - or fanny pack, as they call them in America.
In the bumbag was a handgun with a full magazine and one round in the chamber, which he said he had for protection.
I'm very aware now of who's around me and in future I'll use the bumbag when I come out.
In the 90s, when I was a yuppified workaholic, it added 60 minutes of work, followed by a power breakfast, a power walk and a power deliberation as to how I'd ever existed without my pager, my bumbag and - oh, I'm welling up - my scrunchie.