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Synonyms for bum

Synonyms for bum

a self-indulgent person who spends time avoiding work or other useful activity

to ask or ask for as charity

to pass time without working or in avoiding work

below a standard of quality

the part of one's back on which one rests in sitting

Synonyms for bum

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Subjects will have at least one deep partial or full thickness bum wound that is to be auto-grafted with a meshed split thickness skin graft (STSG).
It was at the time when bums were just coming into fashion, J-Lo started it and then Kim Kardashian obviously took it to another level and put bums on the map.
Soap actors' bottoms swept the board this year with Coronation Street's Ryan Thomas being honoured for having the nicest male bum.
His bum and pump outbursts appear to be confined to the home.
Which bum do you think is yours: I think mine is bum four.
Hot air, smoke, steam, or chemicals that you inhale may bum the lining of the lungs, nose and throat.
The Wales on Sunday poll, which asked a total of 1,010 men and women aged 16-65+ about their feelings towards their own, and other people's bums, found 97% of British females do not think their bum is their best feature, while nearly twice as many men as women love their bums.
The purpose of conducting this experiment is to determine how hurricane shields affect the flame intensity and bum time of candies.
Class II peroxides are formulations that bum very rapidly and present a severe reactivity hazard.
Though less dramatic, many other employees face the specter of heat bum hazards in their daily tasks, including the welder working with molten metal and the roofer pouring hot tar.
But nowadays if you so much as mention the word bum bag to people they look at you with disgust.
8220;In general, we have a thing with bums,” said the Managing Director of Hedonism II, Kevin Levee, noting that “bum” is a very common word used to refer to someone's rear end.
The royal helicopter rotor blades swirled up the air so that Kate's summer dress began blowing upwards - affording us a glimpse of her beautiful bum.
When our boy narrator sees a crack in his bum when he looks in the mirror he sees this as a real crack.