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The atmosphere was generally friendly, but that didn't extend to the village bullyboy, who looked like a swarthy version of Andre the Giant.
OF The march by the English Defence League in Shotton on Saturday passed off peacefully enough thanks to heavy policing - but the EDL's usual bullyboy, knee-jerk response to all things Islamic obscures legitimate concerns which need airing.
Hamilton has vowed not to use bullyboy tactics to get even with title-leading team-mate Jenson Button," The Mirror quoted sources close to driver, as saying.
That should put an abrupt end to that kind of Stone Age, bullyboy thinking that's a noxious leftover from the colonial era.
In this day of aggressive tactics, a bullyboy mentality and senior executives nervously looking over their shoulders at the City hods, barely out of their teens, who call the shots, any mention of the co-operative sector is sure to warm the cockles of my heart.
If it succeeded at this strong-arming, Washington would demonstrate that the Security Council has no effective power to stand up to the bullyboy on the block.
Bullyboy tactics haven't fared as well in recent years, however, and Boyer himself prefers a less antagonistic style.
Backed by certain bullyboy members of the UN Security Council, the Saudis blatantly dismiss the Red Cross call for a ceasefire, insistingthat aid will only be provided when they believe it will not interfere with their illicit goals: Installing a puppet regime in Sana'a and ensuring full control over oil reserves in the area
Speaking of hard questions, will Jeremy Kyle on his Celebrity Specials (Monday-Friday, UTV, 2pm) be brave enough to try his bullyboy tactics and catchphrases - 'Why didn't you put something on the end of it?
These bullyboy tactics cannot be allowed to succeed in a civilised, democratic society.
He is acting with typical bullyboy tactics with accusations that he knows cannot be substantiated.
But the mild-mannered NZC boss wasn't complaining and neither was he admitting that India were playing the bullyboy with all their demands.
Having survived the bullyboy tactics of Bernard Ingham during Mrs Thatcher's defiant statement, has our favourite former TV political editor and Daily Post man finally cracked under a ruthless hand-bagging from Craig Revell-Horwood?
MARTIN O'Neill says there is no such thing as a Premier League bullyboy - and just told his players to get on with it.