bully off

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start a game by a face-off


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The hockey began (I don't think they bully off any more) at 8.
I couldn't stand her and it was mutual - when she was showing me how to bully off she had a murderous gleam in her eye and I got the distinct feeling there was nothing she would have liked more than to knock me into the ground like a 6in nail.
The runners get ready for the off at Warwick Racecourse last night while (above right) Emily England and Rachel Catle relax before the main event Pictures: Michelle Sperry MS150708RACE4 MS150708RACE7 MS150708RACE2; BULLY OFF.
Tynemouth bully off their Northern Hockey League Division One programme at newly-promoted Stockton on Saturday, having already beaten the Teessiders 6-3 in a pre-season friendly.
Melissa, who lives in Guest Grove, Hockley, and has another child, seven-year-old Caitlin, said in one attack her daughter and another boy had to pull the bully off Bradley, who was being punched in the stomach.