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Synonyms for bullshit

speak insincerely or without regard for facts or truths

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But there are some situations (hurricanes, quagmires, indictments) you can't bullshit your way out of.
There are three official reasons to throw the bullshit flag.
Rappers such as Chubb Rock, Lil' Dap, Grandmaster Caz, and Sister Asia Feat are featured in all sorts of hip-hop grooves, but there is one thing constant: no bullshit lies about how fun it would be to pimp and ho.
But don't bullshit the butterfly or the backpedaling shrimp in the watersparkles or the louse or the copperhead which lays and bakes its S on a warm stone
And how the hell can they be sure it's Bono's bird unless it was wearing big platform shoes and talking complete bullshit with a Texas drawl.
Outta PDX, SNA is tired of the bullshit it sees in music these days, specifically the lack of good rock and roll: "'Rock might get co-opted, harvested, and drained of its blood, but the antisocial elements of rock and roll will never die, and will outlive all of us
Within two years he was watching excitedly as his own high school teachers "cried during classes and apologized [that] they were teaching us bullshit.
bullshit so we will be taken more seriously about the real issues facing all of us.
Just as you begin to laugh at what other people are willing to fork over hard earned money for, Penn & Teller will show you that you are just as gullible -- so don't blame the victim, blame the bullshit artists
This is excellent, and moving, television because a) it's about a form of show business, and showbiz translates well into TV documentaries, and b) there's no upper-middlebrow bullshit explaining why yodeling is good--the viewer can hear it.
Of course there is Caprice - there's the bullshit as well
We don't want an intellectual debate on where society is going; we want less bullshit from overpaid politicians who are out of touch with reality.
I just think your preference for a wooly man harkens back to some antiquated protomasculine bullshit that I want no part of.
and it seems as though his years in Flagstaff, AZ--where they call hippies "goats" because of their herdlike behavior and goatees and snowbrucers are everywhere in their $500 outfits drinking lattes--have enabled Reister to cut through the bullshit.