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Synonyms for bulrush

tall marsh plant with cylindrical seed heads that explode when mature shedding large quantities of down

tall rush with soft erect or arching stems found in Eurasia, Australia, New Zealand, and common in North America

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With the help of a borrowed backhoe, they turn a weed-choked one-acre parking lot into a fully functioning wetland, planting 10,000 bullrushes in the process
Where sand is loamy and bullrushes, rushes and Eleocharis are growing, there could be springs as well as fresh water from lakes available three to nine feet below the surface.
Appendix 2 Names which could apply to Typha Name English arrangkwur-ra bulrush baal yan roots of the bull rush; who or which is made covered (the edible part is covered with a trunk) roots which are covered horizontally balyan starch from the root of the bulrush, staple food baraba bullrushes baraba bulrushes bayagan bulrushes berng-kanng river bank plant, roots edible all year bitthin Bullrushes, also Yam boo-reetch edible rush, `Loddon down' [Typha] booroorehr Bulrushes ?
Like Pharaoh he ruled all he surveyed, I soon came to feel, but bullrushes were in short supply.
Farther down the lane, nearly opposite the asylum, there was a smaller pool, where we waded for bullrushes.
The voices and the barking seemed to be coming nearer so Jack helped me down the bank and out into the river, the water above our waists, and we hid in the bullrushes.
We also spotted a family of elephants feeding in the bullrushes.
The original mere has been lovingly restored by the fishery owner to create a water surrounded by mature trees, plenty of bankside bushes, reeds, bullrushes and specially planted weed beds.
From a short distance one can watch its opaque waters reflect the sparse bullrushes and isolated island tree while a murmuring breeze barely ripples the surface.
The peace and quiet is like another world, with all the reeds and bullrushes.
As a tiny tot, he was cast as the infant Moses found in the bullrushes in one of his dad's smash- hit epics, The Ten Commandments.
At the smaller end of the market the Quadrus Centre in Boldon provides start-up incubator space whilst further stand-alone office accommodation developed by Whelan at the adjacent Bullrushes provides move-on office accommodation.