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Synonyms for emphysema

an abnormal condition of the lungs marked by decreased respiratory function

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His surgical history is notable for a left lower lobe resection for bullous emphysema 20 years ago and a right-sided decompression of bullae in 1997.
Patients incapacitated with diffuse, bullous emphysema are being treated with laser reduction pneumoplasty.
There's another uncommon form of emphysema called bullous emphysema.
The welding technology is being routinely used for sealing lungs in cases of spontaneous pneumothorax and prolonged air leakage including bullous emphysema where the lung is repaired without removal of lung sections - no sutures, staples, glues or sealants were used.
Placental transmogrification associated with pulmonary fibrochondromatous hamartoma slightly differs from that associated with bullous emphysema or lipomatosis clinically.