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expecting a rise in prices

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Manager bullishness for integrated oils, which includes domestic and international companies involved in all parts of the oil industry, moved up 15 points from 34 percent last quarter to 49 percent this quarter.
Manager bullishness for corporate bonds more than doubled from 15 percent to 31 percent, while the same measure nearly doubled for high yield bonds, rising from 12 percent to 21 percent.
The shift in bullishness from developed markets to emerging markets is a signal that managers believe the declining value of the dollar may have reached a low point," said Ristuben.
For the second quarter in a row, manager bullishness for the technology sector reached an all-new high - this quarter that measure of optimism ran at 78 percent.
Despite all that has happened to the financial system, bullishness in the financial services sector grew to 45 percent from 40 percent last quarter.
Bullishness grew in the afternoon, sending the Nikkei to an intraday high of 10,694.
Managers remained steady on the technology sector, keeping their bullishness at 62 percent and placing it at the top of all equity sectors.
Integrated oils (61 percent bullishness, up 19 percentage points from March 2009); and
Equity Markets to Rise; Bullishness for Technology Sector Sets New Survey High at 82%
monetary officials are going to make remarks that would pour cold water on the fresh dollar-bullishness induced by the (Snow) comments or whether they are going to authorize such bullishness,'' he said.
Manager bullishness for health care increased seven percentage points from the December 2009 survey to 63 percent, which represents a 19 percentage point increase from June 2009, when this sector reached a survey low.
Bullishness on the yen was also fueled by speculation that U.
Managers Lower Bullishness for Emerging Markets and Corporate Bonds from Record Levels Last Quarter
Bullishness for cash rose 10 percentage points from the March 2010 all-time survey low to 16 percent, and U.
Fueling euro bullishness are such factors as massive U.