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The women of this family, whose several generations from the late nineteenth century to the present are traced in the novel, seem condemned to repeat the mistakes of their progenitors: from unplanned pregnancies, to missed chances, to misinterpreted signals, to calculated bullheadedness.
This decision proves the bullheadedness of the Japanese government in taking full responsibility for its crimes during its war of aggression," read an Oct.
When Inman wigged out, Clinton begged Warren Rudman and twice waved the job under the nose of Sam Nunn - whose bigotry and bullheadedness the President evidently finds endearing.
That bullheadedness served him well when he was in his focused prime, but "Youth" is a mess clearly in need of a second set of eyes.
I loved roaming the mountains and packing a bow, but I didn't expect to kill anything, and only shear bullheadedness kept me going.
The Berrigans are here in their determination, their drive, their apparent arrogance, their occasional impatience and their bullheadedness.
His bullheadedness and undeserved loyalty to his cronies (at our country's expense) are unforgivable.
Mario does not flinch from depicting his father's traumatizing bullheadedness.