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For all his fumbling, however, it's hard not to admire the bullheadedness that drove him take on the power elite in the city - and not back down after getting a good sound bite.
Despite our bullheadedness we are pretty good at talking and compromising.
Yet for all of his unabashed bullheadedness, those who knew him say he was very humble, could never be accused of any self-grandisement, and would shrug off anyone else's attempt to label him with superlatives that even hinted of greatness, including the title "Father of Statehood.
But Blanchet's luck held and his acts of stamina, bravery, and bullheadedness are no less legendary than Hornby's, except that he kept returning from yet another impossible venture with such regularity that his exploits became routine.
The Palestinian people are truly desperate, both in Gaza, where Hamas remains firmly in charge despite US/Israeli pressure and its own bullheadedness, and in the Occupied West Bank, where Abbas continues to rule at the pleasure of Olmert.
There are seasons, too, when we disagree and relations cool until our love catches up to our bullheadedness.
In a stupefying display of ideological bullheadedness, the Bush administration is now targeting unmarried adults up to age 29 as part of its abstinence-only initiative.
But unlike her fellow enthusiasts, who may fantasise about spending their days running their own beauty firm, Louise has had the bullheadedness and foresight to not only get Naked off the ground but also to talk the biggest name in high street health and cosmetic retailing into signing her up to an exclusive deal.
But despite having made enemies through his fearless writing and bullheadedness, Rush was an esteemed physician and friend of many--both rich and poor alike.
These forces were threatening the domestics to the point where both sides knew some progress simply had to be made and that served to defang the militancy and bullheadedness that have characterized negotiations heretofore.
There are other lower-profile candidates, as well, who would have the necessary experience and bullheadedness to take on the lobbyists and political interests who invariably will work to influence the new accounting board and diminish its impact.
Stubbornness and bullheadedness churned up within me and out spewed a comment that sounded like, "Oh, yeah?
The women of this family, whose several generations from the late nineteenth century to the present are traced in the novel, seem condemned to repeat the mistakes of their progenitors: from unplanned pregnancies, to missed chances, to misinterpreted signals, to calculated bullheadedness.