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the activity at a bullfight

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Bullfighters Only aims to develop bullfighting from the ground up through affordable clinics and equipment, cutting edge content, engaging social media, aggressive athlete marketing, and most importantly, high energy live events.
Despite increasing international scrutiny, bullfighting remains an important cultural tradition in Spain.
Secondary schools could offer students over 16 the chance of a qualification in "tauromachy" - or bullfighting - under the scheme.
The Partido Verde Ecologista de Mexico (PVEM), with the support of animal rights groups, has led the effort to ban bullfighting in the three states as well as municipalities in Veracruz state and Michoacan states (SourceMex, July 3, 2013).
Bullfighting is the last thing in the world we should be subsidising.
The fact that bullfighting is financed with public money has attracted severe criticism from some quarters of the Spanish media.
What's more, the author quotes artists and novelists such as Francisco de Goya and Ernest Hemingway, both passionate bullfighting aficionados, to make her point against this tradition by re-interpreting their ideas and stating that crucifixion and bullfighting are two very similar practices.
One of the victims, 46-year-old Daniel Cardona, was killed when the bull's horn gored through his heart, on the second day of a popular bullfighting festival on the South American country's Caribbean coast.
Earlier this year, a ban on bullfighting in the entire region of Catalonia came into effect, and many more Spanish cities and towns are also declaring their opposition to bullfighting.
Jones and Bob Keltie who condemn bullfighting in Spain, maybe Spanish tourists, or indeed tourists from all over the world, should boycott these islands during Orange walks?
1) Carrasco introduced Cubero to the director, and the pair went on to work together on Portillo's next film, Senorita Extraviada (Missing Young Woman) (2001), on the killings of young women in Mexico, before embarking a joint project on women in bullfighting.
When Catalonia voted last year to end bullfighting, its move owed less to any modern distaste for blood sports, or to a passion for animal welfare, or an aversion to seeing men dressed up like Christmas trees killing an animal whose death was foretold, than it did to shifting tastes in leisure and to a decision to distance itself once again from Spain.
Nevada (US), Sept 26 (ANI): The Hindus have welcomed Catalonia (Spain) ban on age-old tradition of bullfighting, which takes effect on January 1.
I AM delighted that bullfighting in Catalonia is going to be banned.
The event taking place on both Saturday and Sunday will coincide with Barcelona's La Merce city festival, where bullfighting icon Jose Tomas will perform in-front of thousands to celebrate the end of the traditional sport in a historical city.