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Then, in the video, fellow bullfighters are seen coming to Macias' rescue; they hold his throat up with a visible puncture wound.
As "El Nino", he wore the traditional uniform of an apprentice bullfighter, including a sombrero, a short waistcoat, a black sash tied at the waist and a magenta cape called an elcapote.
His death, shown live on television, was confirmed on the website of Madrid's Las Ventas bullring, where Barrio began as an apprentice bullfighter in 2010.
We have never seen a women bullfighter before--we don't have a history of seeing.
Hemingway befriended some bullfighters, who trusted him enough to let him into their room to witness the ritual of dressing in the matador's "traje de luces" (suit of lights).
And for what it's worth, it was the good life that led to the decline of the bullfighter Romero was in part modeled on, Cayetano Ordonez.
MUSIC star Darius is training as a bullfighter for his new opera role.
WIGAN manager Roberto Martinez was described as a bullfighter by chairman Dave Whelan when he first arrived at the club as a player more than a decade ago.
SPAIN'S only British bullfighter has strutted out of retirement and back into the ring, winning two trophies - the ears of the beast he had just slain.
Tennent, a 2004 graduate of Mohawk High School, is a professional bullfighter - the crazy guy who runs in front of the bucking bull, distracting the beast long enough for the rider to reach safety.
The two later married, but not before Paula Murphy launched her career as a bullfighter, first as a novillera and later as a full-fledged matador.
Our protagonists are a retired bullfighter (Banderas) who masturbate while watching gory Italian horror movies and a terminally chic, homicidal lawyer (Assumpta Serna) who can achieve orgasm only by killing her sex partners.
While he is sympathetic to each, the poet differentiates their respective styles, and establishes a clear preference for Manolete as the "most mineral" of the six, and as the bullfighter he links most closely to his poetic approach.
Zuloaga, influenced by El Greco, painted portraits of common people, such as his defiant bullfighter in "El toreador, El Segovianito" (1912), one of the most well known paintings in the exhibit.
Coverage includes Thompson's privileged childhood, his adventures as a bullfighter, and his bitter conflict (and later reconciliation) with his partner Ladmo.