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a Spanish or Portuguese or Latin American spectacle


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Conservative deputies who opposed the law said bullfight promoters would find it virtually impossible to hold any under the new restrictions.
His journey in The Sun Also Rises, culminating in the violent spectacle of the bullfight, manifests an indirect, unconscious structural replication and investigation of his war experience.
The discontent about the new ban was discernible at the last-ever bullfight at Coliseo Centenario on Aug.
On behalf of Valley Children's Hospital and all the young patients who come through our doors every day for treatment, we would like to thank the California Portuguese Bloodless Bullfight Organization and the Carlos Vieira Foundation for their combined generous gift to support oncology programs at Valley Children's Hospital.
This celebration was originally held on October 10 but in 1591 people from Pamplona changed the date to July to enjoy better weather and when the livestock market took place, although bullfights were first documented in the 14th century.
While these elements are unproblematic in relation to the Catholic Mass, Query rightly acknowledges the difficulties involved with the role of anything like belief when discussing verse dramas and bullfights: "The modern bullfight is most certainly not the cult of Mirthras, and Murder in the Cathedral is not a sacrificial rite.
The following Sunday I went to the bullfight again with Dad and
State-financed broadcaster RTVE is screening a bullfight in north-central Valladolid featuring star matadors including "El Juli" Julian Lopez Escobar and Jose Maria Manzanares.
INDIA Kashmiri Muslims pray on a road outside Syed Abdul Qadir Jilani''s shrine in Srinagar, which houses the relic of the saint, on the last day of an 11-day festival CHINA Ethnic minority delegates arrive at the Great Hall of the People to attend the opening session of the annual National People''s Congress in Beijing INDONESIA Greenpeace activists in protective suits cross a road in Jakarta during an anti-nuclear protest marking last year''s earthquake and tsunami in Japan that set off Fukushima nuclear crisis SPAIN Bullfighter Juan Jose Padilla aims his sword during a bullfight in the town of Olivenza.
He is acclaimed as both an artist and an athlete, possessed of great agility, grace and coordination, while the bullfight itself is considered not to be a sport but a piece of performance art.
KATIE SICKENED BY BULLFIGHT KATIE Price shows shock and disgust at her first bullfight after going along to please boyfriend Leandro Penna's family.
INJURED IN ACTION Spanish bullfighter Juan Mora falls to the arena after being gored by a Nunez del Cubillo''s ranch fighting bull during a bullfight at the San Fermin fiestas in Pamplona, northern Spain
Campaigners hope the ad, which is set to stir up a new debate on bullfighting, will persuade British tourists not to see a bullfight while on holiday in Spain, where the sport is still widespread.
For centuries, the Spanish tradition of the bullfight has been seen as a heroic contest between man and beast.
Susan was attracted to traditional bullfight posters with their painterly colors, as well as to Picasso's bullfighting paintings.