bulletproof vest

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a vest capable of resisting the impact of a bullet

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The Office of Justice Programs, the DOJ agency responsible for the Bulletproof Vest Partnership, has regulations requiring the recipients of OJP funds to report any fraud that occurs in connection to the funds being awarded.
They tell me to wear a bulletproof vest while outside.
I took my father's desert boots and bought the bulletproof vest on ebay, which my uncle brought over for me from the UK," he said.
LUCKY TO BE ALIVE Crime boss John Gilligan was wearing a bulletproof vest
The ECHO was shown James Bond-style gadgets, including encrypted phones, car trackers, watches and glasses containing hidden cameras, bulletproof vests and secret agent briefcases.
Due to the technology used in the new bulletproof vest compared with the usual vests, the body's vital organs are protected against the bullets fired from close range and different angles.
Apparently, a section of the Mumbai police and politicians in the Ashok Chavan government don't want the truth about the faulty bulletproof vests to be made public.
The House Judiciary Committee passed legislation to expend the Bulletproof Vest Partnership Act, authorizing the program though 2004.
Officer Dolan identified himself as a police officer and the subject fired on him, wounding him in the face and hitting him in his bulletproof vest.
He just appeared in a story line in which a bulletproof vest saves his life.
Another man wearing an army-issue bulletproof vest pulled me from the room where the beatings had taken place and pushed me into a cell with the others.
PO1 Leo Andres of the Batasan police station was shot twice but emerged unhurt because of his bulletproof vest.
Royce West, D-Dallas, would create and fund a bulletproof vest grant program to outfit approximately 50,000 officers statewide with vests that can withstand rounds from high-caliber firearms.
Islamabad -- Islamabad police on Sunday recovered arms including five Kalashnikov rifles, a pistol, six magazines, a bulletproof vest, alcohol and three tear gas shells from PTI leader Amin Gandapur's car outside Bani Gala.