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Synonyms for bulletproof

make bulletproof

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without flaws or loopholes

not penetrable by bullets

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There is no provision related to the entitlement of a bulletproof car to the ex-chief justice in the presidential order.
Though the judge-turned politician himself has not asked for security, his newly established political party's spokesperson Sheikh Ahsanuddin and another lawyer Taufiq Asif - in their personal capacity - remained engaged in the legal battle demanding a bulletproof car for him at government expense.
Actors on the set of Bulletproof The ambulance remained on its side on Cuerden Street
In addition, MCT oil, the other 'essential' ingredient in the bulletproof recipe, has been known when consumed in large quantities to produce adverse side effects, including digestive upset and diarrhea.
On 13th December, Bulletproof said it will open a data room.
There is a booming industry catered towards the production of bulletproof protective gear.
Advocate Ahsanuddin Sheikh, who is the spokesperson for the former chief justice's political party, had filed the petition, contending that Chaudhry needed foolproof security and bulletproof vehicle in the wake of terrorist attacks on lawyers in Quetta and Mardan.
The JS argued that there was no precedent of providing bulletproof cars to former Chief Justices of Pakistan (CJPs;) and such practices were discriminatory under Article 25 of the Constitution.
Terry Canales, D-Edinburg, acknowledged that but said even those traditional bulletproof vests are running short in local communities.
Continue reading "Bulletproof Rock: Hasidic Rockers Bulletproof Stocking Played New York's Webster Hall" at.
Bulletproof: The Cookbook" is a compilation by Dave Asprey (the author of "The Bulletproof Diet") beautifully illustrated, 272 page compendium of simply wonderful recipes for palate pleasing, appetite satisfying, kitchen cook friendly dishes that will result in the loss of up to a pound a day, all while increasing energy and ending the kind of food cravings that sabotage most dieting efforts.
com)-- According to a new market report published by Persistence Market Research "Global Market Study on Bulletproof Security Glass Market - Middle East & Africa to Witness Highest Growth by 2021", the global bulletproof security glass market was valued at USD 2,395.
USPRwire, Wed Jun 03 2015] Bulletproof glass, also known as bullet-resistant or ballistic glass, is a strong and optically transparent glass, used for protection against the impact of bullets or any other ammunition.
Dave Asprey, the founder of a bulletproof line of products, claims the motivation for his product line came in a Nepalese village where he was energized by yak butter tea.
It varies in design from a fully enclosed bulletproof glass cube to open air, convertible-style designs.