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a computer that is running software that allows users to leave messages and access information of general interest

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Symantec's plan allows any bulletin board system operator (SYSOP) to choose from any currently available codes of ethics including: "The Ten Commandments of Computer Ethics" or "The Basic Tenets of Computer Ethics," both developed by the Computer Ethics Institute (CEI); "The Five Considerations for Computer Conduct," developed by SRI; "Six Unacceptable Internet Activities," by the Internet Activities Board; or EDUCOM's "Basic Statement of Computing Ethics.
The developer's kit is offered free of charge and can be downloaded from Saber's twenty-four-hour, Bulletin Board System (BBS).
DeskPorte FAST rackmount -- $519 Microcoms best-selling 28,800 bps rack modem used by Internet access providers and bulletin board systems operators.
From bulletin board systems to Internet features to commercial service providers, this article explains what is available for law enforcement agencies that get online.
You should also consider joining a network of bulletin board systems.
The police department also uses the bulletin board system to provide up-to-date information on new laws that may be of interest, general safety tips, and reminders of basic traffic regulations that drivers often question.
There are many books on the market to help you start an online bulletin board system.
Netcom's protocol sends a dangerous, if unofficial, message to the on-line community, says Klemesrud, who operates the Los Angeles Valley College bulletin board system.
Be aware of the various connectivity options, and determine which you want for your association's bulletin board system.
and that effective today its stock trading symbol on the OTC Bulletin Board system has been changed to "DMAT".
The bulletin board system will be discontinued that day.
Spatialight will trade under the Nasdaq Electronic Bulletin Board system under the symbol SLHT.
The Usenet is an electronic bulletin board system through which newsgroups are transmitted.
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