bulletin board

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a computer that is running software that allows users to leave messages and access information of general interest

a board that hangs on a wall


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On the other hand, bulletin board postings offer multiple fonts and colors, greetings, links, varying styles of quotations, and other analyzable features that rarely appear in essays and books.
In a way, that we would dare to leave notes for God on a bulletin board in the same space that honors the divine presence with royal trappings of gold, marble, candlelight, and red velvet is beautifully audacious.
Though it may sound like a genuine stock market, the Nasdaq bulletin board has no listing requirements and few hard and fast rules.
Then, a few enterprising local law enforcement agencies started their own bulletin board systems.
He suggests that those running a bulletin board as an extension of a business will have better success.
It's a free, full-service bulletin board that's well worth the toll call, and you can download the Green BBS List from there, too.
the big advantage of a bulletin board is the ability to tailor information for member use and provide that information in a fast, convenient manner.
There are on-line discussion groups, bulletin boards, conferences, document repositories, information retrieval systems, and electronic mail.
us) has been up and running since March, yet already has surpassed the electronic bulletin board in the types and amount of information offered.
The chief charged the department's information systems manager with reviewing existing bulletin board applications to determine the best system for Searcy' s needs.
Having a computer with loads of memory and hard disk space will allow you to run better bulletin board software, providing your users with access to more files, which can keep them using your service for longer periods of time.
Our move to the OTC Bulletin Board is an integral part of our growth strategy," commented Colin Binny, Amaru's Chief Executive Officer.
A bulletin board system (BBS) is a small online service, usually patronized by people with similar interests.
Wolverine, however, has and intends to continue to have its common stock quoted on the OTC Bulletin Board.
PK), a world leader in multi-channel customer service, today announced that its shares of common stock have begun trading on the OTC Bulletin Board (OTCBB) under the ticker symbol KANA.