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a head shaped like a bullet

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I was drenched and shivering and kneading the scrape on my shin where I hit the hurdle when the head coach, Coach Bullethead, I call him, but always behind his back, stuck his face inches from mine and said, "Pyrotechnics of power; pyrotechnics of power.
To get really up close and personal you should don diving gear and take a stroll with the cute batfish, the friendly-faced bullethead parrotfish and even the odd blacktip reef shark, which is apparently harmless and doesn't deserve the bad press usually accorded to the species.
At his best, as in poems like "Buy One, Get One," "Ballad of Bullethead," "Goliath Poem," and "Late," Hayes achieves a modest lyric intensity that, shorn of the attitudinizing and affectations of so many of these poems, seems genuinely hard won.
The company is also featuring retro-inspired lamps such as a bullethead shape.
Translation: A tired, cliche-ridden sitcom with few redeeming characteristics as a former musician, and almost Commodore, ranks on kids - with names such as Bullethead (he has a bullet in his head) and Romeo (who is all good) who rank on him.
Amberjack take speed jigs--also called butterfly jigs--worked energetically up and down near the bottom, or, for a more casual time, they'll hit 6- and 9-ounce bullethead jigs baited with ballyhoo, squid or plastic tails drifted by them.
CD release party, with Season of the Dead, Army of None and Bullethead, 8:30 p.