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a head shaped like a bullet

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Coach Bullethead had joined Sylvester Lovejoy and the others outside.
These days, however, concerns for green building products and state code requirements are spurring manufacturers to offer a range of fixtures -- from bullethead shapes hung from the ceiling to bottle-shaped lights for tables and counters.
The company is also featuring retro-inspired lamps such as a bullethead shape.
Translation: A tired, cliche-ridden sitcom with few redeeming characteristics as a former musician, and almost Commodore, ranks on kids - with names such as Bullethead (he has a bullet in his head) and Romeo (who is all good) who rank on him.
Amberjack take speed jigs--also called butterfly jigs--worked energetically up and down near the bottom, or, for a more casual time, they'll hit 6- and 9-ounce bullethead jigs baited with ballyhoo, squid or plastic tails drifted by them.
CD release party, with Season of the Dead, Army of None and Bullethead, 8:30 p.
I like a tandem rig consisting of two different lures: a bullethead jig running a short distance ahead of a spoon.
Thompson's best wahoo rigs were bullethead baits like Ilanders, with medium-sized ballyhoo with a double hook rig set at 90 degrees.