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Synonyms for bulldozer

one who is habitually cruel to smaller or weaker people

Synonyms for bulldozer

large powerful tractor


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These pre-requisites in the tender document appeared to hinder a level-playing field among various suppliers of bulldozers by ostensibly foreclosing the market to the maximum available competition.
He added: "With it's growing population and it's taste for the finer things in life, the Middle East offers great opportunity for growth within the hospitality sector and we at the Bulldozer Group are pleased our efforts and dedication to cater for this demand has been recognised.
What helped me make the switch to Bulldozer XL5000 was the lack of proprietary blends.
The first Bulldozer processors are expected to be the Zambezi offerings, and to be launched on September 19.
The bulldozer driver and the commander claimed that they were not aware that Corrie was there, they also said that this is a war zone, and there are no 'civilians' in war zones," Al Jazeera Sherine Tadros, reporting from Haifa, said.
The driver of the bulldozer escaped unhurt, while the car was a wreck.
The home belonged to the family of Husam Dweiyat, who in a July 2 attack drove a bulldozer into a commuter bus, cars and pedestrians on Jerusalem's Jaffa Road, killing three people and injuring 20.
The broadcast showed the bulldozer hurtling down a busy street in the centre of West Jerusalem after a security guard claimed to have killed the driver.
At least four people were killed Wednesday and about 57 others injured when a Palestinian bulldozer driver went on a deadly rampage in downtown Jerusalem.
A PALESTINIAN driving a bulldozer went on a deadly rampage in Jerusalem yesterday, killing at least three people and wounding 45 before he was shot dead by security officers.
When the moving truck comes, the house thinks it's the bulldozer coming to knock it down.
A must-have for any Lego fan is the new Motorized Bulldozer (pounds 99.
17, in northwest Harris County in Houston, TX, apparently from a breach caused by a bulldozer operator, said officials with El Paso Corp.
WESTBORO - A bulldozer caught fire in a trash recycling building at the E.
A MAN who died at a landfill site may have been buried alive when a bulldozer moved a mound of rubble.