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Synonyms for bulldoze

Synonyms for bulldoze

to domineer or drive into compliance by the use of as threats or force, for example

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flatten with or as if with a bulldozer

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The President has already decided to send a message to smugglers that their happy days are over, we will bulldoze those cars," he said.
A Geo News correspondent said some women had also come out to protest on the roofs of their houses with the Holy Quran in their hands, saying they would not back down and let the administration bulldoze their homes.
We are really worried that the owner of the land, where Eskharah starts from, would bulldoze it with or without informing the authorities concerned since it is his property," he said.
In 2005 the council decided to bulldoze 1,500 houses in Gresham, this project also still remains unfinished.
A BUILDER is threatening to bulldoze his pounds 250,000 dream home after a divorce court ruled it had to be sold for a fraction of the price it is worth.
Addressing on the occasion, the leaders said that the local authorities have given tender to bulldoze a historical building of the court and jail in Sanjhoro.
President Duterte is dead set on sending a message to smugglers after ordering to bulldoze some 70 smuggled luxury cars seized by the Bureau of Customs (BOC) on Tuesday.
I READ with interest and despair that an 'eco developer' is willing to bulldoze over 400 trees to build 79 houses, when 1,000 houses are planned for Hemlington Grange, less than a mile away.
The council has defended its decision to bulldoze the site, saying the plans they have for it will benefit more people.
In the end, the verdict will be to bulldoze the place based on the Interior Ministry's Civil Defence and Public Security report - in addition to the input of the municipality and municipal council - whether the owner is found or not, or whether he agrees or not.
The report "Church drops bulldoze plan" (The Journal, September 26) quotes Canon Ray Best of Haltwhistle as saying in a democracy we all need to accept responsibility for our actions.
By Cara Simpson WE'RE GOING TO BULLDOZE YOUR HOME: COUNCIL SHOCKS OLGA, 76 A PENSIONER was stunned when she was told the home she'd lived in all her life was going to be bulldozed.
In March, Liverpool council gave the owners of the site, said to be worth millions of pounds to a developer, an order to either refurbish or bulldoze it.