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a clip with a spring that closes the metal jaws

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1 Crystal Hair Spinners, [euro]9, Claire's (as seen on model) 2 Mini crystal butterfly bulldog clips, [euro]9 for two, Accessorize 3 Love Rocks Articulated Butterfly Hair Clip, [euro]48, ASOS
Freischwimmer 151 is a 5m-wide ink-on-paper work attached to the gallery wall by a series of small bulldog clips.
Essentials are a hammer, small nails, staple gun (don't use drawing pins, because of the risk of pigs stepping on them), string, clamps and bulldog clips for attaching display material that can't be fixed any other way.
A length of fancy wallpaper becomes a work of art when casually hung from a picture rail or cupboard by bulldog clips, or pinned up with drawing pins.
He's a big lad so they had to pin bulldog clips on the back to make it appear less baggy.
The metal lightshades have bulldog clips handing from them where customers have to attach their order number.
Two officers have been moved after an internal inquiry into allegations of bullying and bizarre initiation ceremonies, including attaching bulldog clips to new recruits' nipples.
In her exhibition, Sheer Sliver, at the Ceri Hand Gallery, Liverpool, her choice of sources and materials reflects a playful and seductive approach - from cast bronze, magazine adverts, bulldog clips, National Geographic photo stories, vintage jewellery and mementos to modelling wax.