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a clip with a spring that closes the metal jaws

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Place the sewn ends of fabric in a bulldog clip and hang clip on a nail or hook.
But the bulldog clip takes the biscuit because it costs FOUR TIMES more than its value just to process Cameron's claim.
So far the judges' egos have been restrained but as dancers are voted out, a tight leash will have to be kept on the gruesome foursome (the bulldog clip at the back of Arlene's head should keep her in place).
The woman also described how Wakefield put a bulldog clip to her bust, opened and closed it and said: "Are you going to complain?
Despite his enormous wealth he still charged the public purse 7p for a bulldog clip and 38p for a staple remover.
She started by sectioning the hair and securing with a bulldog clip.
Who's job is it to put the bulldog clip at the back of Arlene Phillips' head?
These days, my wrinkles need a firmer approach - like a Black & Decker sander and a bulldog clip on the back of the head.
Using the bulldog clip, join the three rolled paper tubes at ends together and carefully make a plait from the paper tubes.
Now I'm sure that if I went to the right agencies and buttonholed the right social worker, I could find myself in a bulldog clip awareness group or one-on-one counselling to t ry to come to terms with my problem, to externalise my guilt.
TIDY SOLUTION: Keep clutter cleared away with a quirky Giant Bulldog Clip magazine rack from The Contemporary Home, pounds 44.
No, not with a bulldog clip, but with new spring clips that are designed to move with your skin, creating a more natural, less terrifying look.
Coins, house keys, car keys, allen keys, condom, dummy teat, bulldog clip, paper clip, telephone cable clips (about 16 in one dog), peach stone, plum stone, avocado stone, common garden stone, stone from beach, wire, rope and finally a metal alligator.
Although, if memory serves me right, Joan Collins looked the same as she does now - a situation that may change if they ever remove the bulldog clip.
Best tip: Glue one side of the hat and secure the ribbon, either by pinching with your fingers, or using a bulldog clip, then glue the other side, and again secure.