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a clip with a spring that closes the metal jaws

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Place the sewn ends of fabric in a bulldog clip and hang clip on a nail or hook.
But the bulldog clip takes the biscuit because it costs FOUR TIMES more than its value just to process Cameron's claim.
Instead, twist them, fold them over, and clip them closed with the bulldog clips.
At this step of the procedure, the Roux limb can be occluded with the intestinal bulldog clip to prevent excessive bowel and distal gastric dilation.
Every time I have an age-related wobble, I reach for the Nice 'N Easy Light Ash Blonde and consider the wrinkle improvement that could be delivered by a bulldog clip to the back of the napper.
uk/3am/style Top tip: Chignons are surprisingly easy -see our how-to video -but alternatively just twist the back section of hair up and secure with a pretty bulldog clip EMBELLISHED TWIST A pretty twist anyone can do - just take the hair into a low ponytail, then use a Scunci Topsy Tail tool (PS3.
Others made a fork into a spoon, a baby-bottle holder from cushions and bulldog clip plug holder.
The Aesculap PL541S Intestinal Bulldog Clip is designed for applications where temporary occlusion of the bowel is desired.
On June 25, 2001, they left Sydney and started to make their way around Australia, keeping fuel receipts in a bulldog clip.
Tie the other end to a bulldog clip or an ACCO(tm) binder clip.
One simple idea is to have a paper clip or bulldog clip for each set of papers and just add the next item on as you receive it.
Other than that it was a masterclass of calm - a bulldog clip to keep his cap on his head and years of experience keeping his feet on the ground.
Super-rich Tory David Cameron claimed 7p for a bulldog clip on his expenses, it has been revealed.
TIDY SOLUTION: Keep clutter cleared away with a quirky Giant Bulldog Clip magazine rack from The Contemporary Home, pounds 44.
So far the judges' egos have been restrained but as dancers are voted out, a tight leash will have to be kept on the gruesome foursome (the bulldog clip at the back of Arlene's head should keep her in place).