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(pathology) an elevation of the skin filled with serous fluid

the round leaden seal affixed to a papal bull

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New lanes will be opened progressively between Bulla Road and Melbourne Airport over the coming months.
seal mark that may have been made by the prophet Isaiah himself only 10 feet away from where we earlier discovered the highly-publicized bulla of King Hezekiah of Judah," said Dr.
According to Kashmir Media Service, Ghulam Mohammad Bulla was arrested by the Indian police and killed in custody on February 15, 1975, for leading a protest rally against Indra-Abdullah Accord in Sopore.
Both positive Nikolsky's sign and bulla spread sign were seen in 29/31 (93.
The archaeologist and American academic and lecturer at the institute of archaeology in London Corisande Fenwick, also president of the group, announced that the purpose of this research is "to raise the veil on certain aspects of the life of the former inhabitants of Bulla Regia.
After the procedure, the findings were noted mainly under six topics, namely septal deviation, polyp/mucosal oedema, inferior turbinate, middle turbinate variations, enlarged bulla ethmoidalis and accessory ostium.
The ethmoid bulla that has been identified (figure, A) is entered anteriorly with the microdebrider, and the opening is enlarged circumferentially (figure, B).
Keywords: Otitis media; otitis, total ear canal ablation (TECA); tympanic bulla osteoctomy (TBO); tympanic membrane
Une quinquagenaire a ete interpellee, jeudi 6 aout 2015, pour avoir essaye de procurer une quantite de stupefiants a un detenu a la prison de Bulla Regia (Beja).
2) The mechanism of bulla formation has been described as due to leukocytoclastic vasculitis or severe dermal oedema.
Though the penalty for such a crime is getting branded, to ensure that he will never have free will, Nic is instead sent on an errand: to retrieve a bulla that belonged to Caesar from the depths of the haunted mines.
Rappelons qu'un certain nombre des prisonniers de la prison de Bulla Regia a Jendouba ont proteste, jeudi , parce qu'ils n'avaient pas beneficie de la grace presidentielle du 20 mars, et 8 d'entre eux se sont blesses avec des lames de rasoir a diverses parties de leurs corps.
For more information about UCB's Accreditation with the BBB, please contact Anne Bulla, UCB Director of Marketing at 336.
Ancient Bulla Venture away from the relative comfort of the hotel and the wide curving beach with its crashing waves, and you will see abandoned building projects, men sitting around smoking, and the chaotic hustle and bustle you might expect in a provincial North African town.