bull thistle

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European thistle with rather large heads and prickly leaves

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And when we got back to the bunkhouse near Tower Falls and Hell Roaring Flats, I noticed a chart on the wall I hadn't before with color photos of invasive plants: bull thistle, spotted knapweed, dalmation toadflax, houndstongue, and leafy spurge.
The leaves are easily distinguished from those of the common or bull thistle, the leaves of which are very rough on both surfaces and bear a large number of spines of varying lengths.
Yet the grandest of them all, towering up to six feet in height, are the purple bull thistles, with blue and pink flowers the size of eggs nodding on thin, spine-covered stalks.
The few weeds they don't like, like bull thistles, you can mow or hoe after you move the animals to the next paddock.
The foresters soon found big "vinelands" in other parks, including Inwood Hill, where we pass a ridgetop meadow of tall grass dotted by purple bull thistles.