bull session

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an informal discussion (usually among men)

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Since then, what started as a college room bull session has become a national movement of youth service and leadership.
Unlike the dignified discourse of an old-time parlor or the lively give-and-take of a dorm-room bull session, online conversations take place with participants distant from one another in space and often separated by time as well.
As explained by diplomats, it was mainly a bull session to toss around ideas with the Obama Administration and not a decision-making conference.
Based on the life stories gathered at a late-night bull session with a group of Broadway gypsies, A Chorus Line holds a special place in the annals of musical theater, the backstage musical to end them all.
I enjoy talking with dentists, and I want to keep on their good sides, but I do wish they'd consider setting aside a few minutes of each appointment for a good old-fashioned bull session, unaccompanied by the doubts, discomforts and disabilities attending the matters at hand.
Yet The Last Best Hope is less a serious manifesto than a breezy bull session.
When Ernest Hemingway was in town we had one bull session with him and learned a lot about him that we like.
Clinton's bull session continues even today--and, thanks to advisers like Greenberg, his choice of platform is still a clunker.
But the most spectacular sector during Monday's bull session was the performance of small-capitalization stocks.
During an "off-the-record" bull session with reporters later that day, White House press secretary Mike McCurry topped Clinton's gag with one of his own: "Probably she does look good compared to the mummy he's been [having sex with].
As were ``Slacker'' and ``Sunrise,'' it's a grad school bull session of a movie that involves both actors and fascinating real-life characters speculating and philosophizing about the universe, politics, art and the general nature of existence.
I was on hand for the release of "In Good Faith: A Dialogue on Government Funding of Faith Based Social Services," a 16-page report that stems from a three-year bull session on the role of religion in public life.
At one point, as soon as it's clear that nothing very big is going to happen in the standoff, the hostage taker and his charges settle in for a bull session about the ills of the contemporary health care system that seems like something you might catch on C-SPAN on a Saturday afternoon.
If the actual filming of a Wes Anderson movie is an exercise in painstaking precision, the conceptual process sounds like the exact opposite: an extended free-form bull session, the way writing partner Owen Wilson describes it.