bull mastiff

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large powerful breed developed by crossing the bulldog and the mastiff

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Detective constable Con Andrew Hope said: "The victim was attacked with such severity by both men, who also encouraged their brown bull mastiff dog to bite him on the head, that he will need plastic surgery.
Concannon, 45, who had been warned before about her aggressive dogs and how she kept them, admitted causing unnecessary suffering to bull mastiffs Buddy and Neo and Staffordshire bull terriers Ty and Sky between July 19 last year and March 25 this year, in that she subjected the animals to "an environment that was detrimental to their well-being".
The scene in the flat in Rednal where Trojan the bull mastiff, inset, had ripped open bags looking for food.
Bull mastiffs are not one of the breeds listed on the Dangerous Dogs Act and are legal to own.
a bull mastiff Police at the house last night Sign outside horror house Horror.
With studded collar and rings on his toes, with tattoos on his back and cap front to back, Big Bouncer the bull mastiff, is THE MAN.
We were shown a nine-week-old bull mastiff/rottweiler cross bitch and her bull mastiff father.
Terrified Kayleigh Thornton, 20, was in agony as the bull mastiff called Nero "chewed her like a bone".
A seven-stone bull mastiff called Jaxx is recovering at home after being nearly killed by an adder.
Following the adventures of a bull mastiff named Buddy, who must cope with a day at obedience school, the veterinarian, an unfriendly encounter with fire department dalmatians, and more, God Believes in You closes with the profound message that even though life can be challenging, God is always there for Us.
That's because DaVanon got married in November, added a dog - a bull mastiff - to his new family shortly thereafter and came to camp with a clearer mind.
The mother-of-two, of Hawksford Crescent, Low Hill, Wolverhampton, pleaded guilty at the city's magistrates' court to two charges of allowing her two bull mastiff cross-breeds to illegally enter her next door neighbour's front garden, where they savaged Leah Preston.
The 125-pound bull mastiff grabbed his forearm and bit down so hard that it ripped much of his arm muscle and broke a bone.
A MAN has been savaged by a vicious bull mastiff dog after two thugs set the huge beast on him.