bull's eye

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Synonyms for bull's eye

in target shooting: a score made by hitting the center of the target

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the center of a target

something that exactly succeeds in achieving its goal

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The game is all about being a shooting champion by hitting the bull's eye at all challenging stages.
Early in the evening, though, Bull's Eye is perfect for just that.
For grill-kings and other cooks, Kraft Foods has unleased four new Bull's Eye Barbecue Sauces.
That I can't shoot bull's eye worth a damn anymore.
DURING A THREE-year period, Bull's Eye Shooter Supply in Tacoma, Washington, somehow lost track of 238 guns.
Now the families of James "Sonny" Buchanan and Conrad Johnson - both shot dead in Maryland during last year's killing spree - claim Buckmaster and Bull's Eye Shooter Supply of Tacoma, Seattle, showed "gross negligence".
The case names Bull's Eye Shooter Supply of Tacoma, which either sold the rifle or lost it in a theft, store owners Brian Borgelt and Charles Carr, Bushmaster Firearms of Windham, Maine, and sniper defendants John Allen Muhammad and Lee Malvo, who are accused of killing 13 people and wounding five others.
BULL'S EYE SHOOTER SUPPLY IS A warehouse-sized gull store near the waterfront in Tacoma, Wash.
The TIR of Bull's Eye chucks can be easily adjusted to zero at the cutting tool tip in less than a minute.
The red Bull's Eye laser operates with a simple pressure switch inside its mounting block, turning on and off with a slight twist.
And when you zero in on the Central Jersey region, you've hit the bull's eye.
Tech Data Earned More Honors Than Any Other Distributor Recognized by Channel Insider's Inaugural Bull's Eye Awards
North Central Golf Outing Bull's Eye Country Club Wisconsin Rapids, WI
Three Bull's Eye Wins from Channel Insider; Best Channel Vendor by Business Solutions Magazine
The meeting will be held at the Bull's Eye County Club, Wisconsin Rapids; Stevens Point Country Club, Stevens Point; Sentry World, Stevens Point.