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Synonyms for bulkiness

an unwieldy largeness


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The modular pieces account for bringing the only things needed the most, eliminating the worries of bulkiness or carrying a ton-load of accessories like what most have today.
Fluorescent cable heads make assembly in the dark easy, and the unique pivot arm design takes away bulkiness, When collapsed for packing, the Drone measures just four inches thick.
But the toy, perhaps, because of its bulkiness, failed to get the same attention.
The three-channel absorbent core design is the result of four years of research and development, and P&G says that after testing the new Pampers Cruisers, mothers in focus groups said it allowed their babies to move more freely, with 89% stating that it reduced bulkiness between the legs, and 91% saying it distributed and locked wetness evenly.
He said that many professionals are discarding DSLRs due to the bulkiness and using smartphone cameras.
Frances McDormand ("Fargo'') doesn't fit the physical description of Olive, who in the book is tall and stoutly built, but this actress, whether playing Olive as a strict, crabby math teacher and caustic wife, or, later, as a judgmental grandmother and caustic loner, manages to convey a certain bulkiness that could be extra weight, or maybe just the heroine's heaviness of heart.
This denim jacket is just as flattering as a waist-nipping vest, but the flannel sleeves nix any bulkiness.
Despite being a late entrant, HTC may come up with a product that addresses a range of complaints about smartwatches such as bulkiness and battery life.
Among the elite five percent of Texas law enforcement agencies long recognized by the Texas Police Chiefs Association Foundation for its Best Practices in operational standards, this Texas municipality acknowledged the need to modernize its mobile workforce capabilities when officers started complaining about the bulkiness and poor performance of its previous in-vehicle Panasonic Toughbook equipment.
9 V nominal range to deliver high pulses and a high safety margin, thus avoiding the balancing problems, current leakage, and bulkiness associated with supercapacitors.
The tert-butyl (t-Bu) group has been incorporated in numerous synthetic organic compounds because of its steric bulkiness, hydrophobic property and unique reactivity.
This price point is exemplified by the plastic casing that's a magnet for c or greasy fingers, along with the comparatively heavy 143g weight and general bulkiness.
This means a buyer does not have the high costs and bulkiness of a fully fledged 4WD off-roader but does have more practicality than in the conventional family hatchback or estate.
Once within, you are locked up, on display, and slowed by the works' bulkiness.
Unclamping the cord at maternal side and releasing of placental blood has been suggested for facilitating delivery of the placenta it is physiologically plausible that draining blood from the placenta would reduce its bulkiness allowing the uterus to contract and retract effectively leading to delivery of the placenta and may reduce the duration of the 3rd stage of labour.