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an unwieldy largeness


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This price point is exemplified by the plastic casing that's a magnet for c or greasy fingers, along with the comparatively heavy 143g weight and general bulkiness.
7 km/kg with a range of 230 km on CNG and 600 km on petrol because of its bulkiness.
This means a buyer does not have the high costs and bulkiness of a fully fledged 4WD off-roader but does have more practicality than in the conventional family hatchback or estate.
Once within, you are locked up, on display, and slowed by the works' bulkiness.
option=com_content&view=article&id=3530:new-protective-helmets-to-be-mandatory-for-arizona-fall-league&catid=19:latest-milb-news&Itemid=34)) because of the bulkiness.
Crating and packaging should take into account acceptable standard sizes, stairwells, doorway/entrance sizes, bulkiness and ease of lifting.
She had been seen 6 years earlier with thickening and bulkiness in her left breast and had clinical breast examination and bilateral mammography with bilateral breast ultrasonography assessment, which was normal.
The disadvantages of the robotic system are: 1) increased time required for docking and undocking of the robot; 2) absence of haptic/ tactile feedback; 3) bulkiness of the robotic system; and 4) increased cost of the surgery (2-7,19-21,23,24).
Many companies were already developing quality, safety and risk management solutions but very few were truly accessible to the smaller organisations due to prohibitive pricing or the bulkiness of the systems offered.
The risk of coronary occlusion is low but difficult to assess and most likely depends on the bulkiness of the native leaflets, height of the coronary ostia, and dimensions of sinus of Valsalva (3).
I have also had hotel/restaurant information and menus sent to me with insufficient postage paid due to bulkiness.
You can see the beauty of the dress and the swimmers look graceful without the cumbersome bulkiness of scuba gear.
He said, owing to bulkiness and short shelf-life of the products, freight is major component of the C&F cost.
The increase in the bulkiness of the feed and its inability to satisfy the pigs' energy and protein requirements may be another plausible factor [5, 23].
The study modified existing treadmills with desks, which then may have contributed to a manufacturing craze to combine them in-factory for consumers--but often at the expense of bulkiness and, of course, expense.