bulk modulus

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the ratio of the change in pressure acting on a volume to the fractional change in volume

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r] is instantaneous volume of oil within the rod-side chamber, [beta] is the effective bulk modulus of the hydraulic fluid, and [q.
The measure of this compressibility is called the bulk modulus of the fluid and is defined by the differential equation
From this, Macken [8] derives an "interactive bulk modulus of spacetime", which we identify with the spacetime continuum bulk modulus, given by
x] specific increase effect is related to the differences in physico-chemically characteristics (viscosity, density, bulk modulus of compressibility, bond structure, and cetane number), fuel injection timing and spray char acteristics, and engine operation condition, with major influences on the combustion process (Mazzoleni et al.
The crystal ionicity is one of the key parameters of semiconducting materials in discussing problems in the field of elastic constants, cohesive energy, heat of formation, bulk modulus and crystal structure.
The computed bulk modulus of Al-tobermorite based on high-pressure experiments at beamline 12.
This predicts changes from one fluid to another by calculating the dry rock velocities and bulk modulus and then substitutes with a second fluid.
Other tests carried out at the centre include uplift determination, water ingress, bulk modulus, compression and creep.
Sub-ambient measurements will also be available to around - 15 degC, providing more accurate calculation of bulk modulus and volume coefficient of expansion for elastomer data, generated to simulate under-sea application.
L], bulk modulus B, shear modulus G, Young modulus E, and Poisson ratio v.
The results obtained for the Debnik quarry show that azimuth distribution of bulk modulus k have two maxima which agree with strike of main crack sets (Fig.
With this library, users are able to define density, viscosity and bulk modulus, all fluid properties that affect system behavior.
The autoclaved coatings were also subjected to surface wettability characterizations and bulk modulus measurements.
For years, scientists rated diamond, with a bulk modulus of 442 GPa, as the world's strongest material.
020" wide, depending on the grade and basis weight produced), there will be little effect on the nip width since the bulk modulus of the cover will not change much due to the surface grooving.