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stimulating evacuation of feces


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Bulk laxatives such as linseeds and beetroot fibre are very helpful, and it is also important that you drink enough fluid to keep stools soft.
Although bulk laxatives such as Psyllium are considered the safest form of laxative, they may interfere with the absorption of certain drugs like aspirin, digitalis, antibiotics and anticoagulants.
It resolves spontaneously or with conservative treatment, such as the use of bulk laxatives or warm sitz-baths.
Psyllium fiber used in bulk laxatives and soy fiber have effects similar to the effects of wheat bran.
Lamy cites examples of problems associated with the use of OTCs, such as swallowing chewable tablets whole (the tablets subsequently not dissolving, thus requiring surgical removal), dissolving aspirin tablets in the mouth (thus burning the lining of the flesh), and taking bulk laxatives without sufficient water dilution (necessitating surgical intervention to foster bowel evacuation).