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a person suffering from bulimia

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Second, bulimic behaviour appears to directly affect brain reward function and it is uncertain whether such alterations return to normal with recovery or not.
Given the disconcerting rates of bulimic symptoms among adult women, it is likely that mental health counselors will work with some who are struggling with clinical or subclinical symptoms.
Allison, a recovering bulimic, shares the restoration of her smile, in a video, Allison's Story, on GoToAPro.
It was stress - anxiety about life and a desire to eat without gaining weight that made me anorexic/ bulimic.
You could say I wasn't a very successful bulimic, in that my weight didn't really drop.
Because I can eat loads and never put on weight, one girl spread the rumour that I'm bulimic.
He said in his autobiography: "I stopped eating fattening food and, before I knew what had happened, I was bulimic.
The results, as measured by the EAT-Dieting and EDI-Bulimia scales, respectively, showed that both self-oriented and socially prescribed perfectionism were associated with greater dieting and bulimic symptoms.
I never realized being bulimic could be so harmful.
We might just as readily ask if it's a sin to be anorexic, bulimic, or to do anything to one's body that intentionally deforms, degrades, or mistreats it.
There is plenty here for everyone, actually, as the problems of Annabel's older sisters, especially Whitney, who is bulimic, are part of the story and affect Annabel's decisions.
I think Bert had a girlfriend that was bulimic at one time.
Is he some kind of pictorial bulimic, this Peinado?
Consider the rampant eating disorders that Robbins reports from one campus, where a plumber was kept busy clearing the pipes that were continually clogged with the vomit of whole housefuls of bulimic sorority, sisters determined to eat heartily and still fit into their size 2 jeans.
Fostering critical and literate habits of thought requires that teachers move beyond using learning strategies that compel students to "binge and purge" information in the manner of the bulimic.