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curving outward

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7, when the biochemically binded boards SYG22 of wood fiber by SYG pretreat broke, the length of bulgy fiber was more consistent, the interface was inseparable, cavitationis was low, fracture behavior was ductile rupture according to the fracture surface morphology; however, when the biochemically binded boards SQG23 of wood fiber by SQG pretreat broke, the length of bulgy fiber was inconsistent, cavitationis was many, fracture behavior was pull-off phenomenon according to the fracture surface morphology.
Bulgy and nebulous in December, it narrowed in mid-January into twin beams, like a pair of headlights in fog.
She has also undergone a body countering operation but her stomach became bulgy after that.
Signs that rheumatologists look for are morning stiffness in and around the joints, tissue swelling, bulgy knuckles, wrists or lumps of tissue under the skin and bone erosion.
He's got big bulgy eyes so we called him Popeye, or Pops for short.
Angelito is scared to celebrate El Dfa de los Muertos with the Living because his big sister has told him all about their horrifying bulgy eyes and squishy skin.
Today I watched a very delightful sunset--the sun like a great bulgy apricot: I had forgotten how quickly it sinks.
Labially, a well developed furrow separates the bulgy hypoconid from the strong protoconid.
Thomas will also be joined by some of his other friends including Annie, Clarabel, Bulgy Bus and friends who will all be under the watchful eye of the Fat Controller, Sir Topham Hatt.
Every character, including a lobster, has bulgy eyes in this film.
Evil characteristics can be seen in Wayang Kulit Siam's puppets such as bulging eyes, defiant angled head, bulbous nose, facial hair, showy finery, bared fangs, wide stance (distance that feet are apart) fatter, bulgy shapes such as Bhota, Raja Bali and Ravana.
Waistline growth Ice melting off Greenland and Antarctica has changed the shape of the Earth, making it more bulgy at the equator, scientists find (SN: 7/16/11, p.