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Synonyms for bulge

Synonyms for bulge

a part that protrudes or extends outward

to curve outward past the normal or usual limit

Synonyms for bulge

swell or protrude outwards

cause to bulge or swell outwards


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This result suggests that the environment in the bulge may have been different than the one in the disk, resulting in a different star-formation mechanism," Calamida said.
What we are being told then by experts concerned with this phenomenon is that, yes, true, a youth bulge in an "undeveloped" country is simple to comprehend, but devastating in its simplicity, namely, that in a systemic manner, the discontent of a burgeoning population whose dreams remain unfulfilled will impact not only on our economic progress but, in a trickle-down effect, on every subsystem in our social system -- our culture, our politics, our institutions, our education, our values and, well, the way we define our objective world.
The results indicated that variations in the thickness of the moon's crust caused by tidal heating during its formation could account for most of the moon's large-scale topography, while the remainder was consistent with a frozen tidal-rotational bulge that formed later.
CoolSculpting is a non-surgical, clinically proven procedure designed to selectively reduce fat bulges in problem areas using a patented cooling technology.
An axial-feed, die-less, tube bulge testing system was designed, fabricated, commissioned, and then used to conduct forming tests on OPP tubes.
Structure settings in the program were adjusted to allow formation of bulges up to 80 nt.
To explain this phenomenon, Watkins [30, 31], investigated the transmission of shifts during QR iterations and established a simple relationship between the shifts and the bulges mentioned above, see also Section 2.
Purpose: To assess the feasibility of utilizing an axial loading device on individuals with acute low back pain and to assess the sagittal plane kinematics and posterior disc bulge of the lumbar spine during axial loaded MRI in persons with acute low back pain.
Pettitt and his research group are studying a particular type of DNA transcription error called a bulge, as well as the protein "spellcheckers" responsible for finding and repairing bulges.
Or, if you have lost some height over the years, bulges can become more prominent.
The bulges produced by the optic nerve and the internal carotid artery are of considerable clinical importance (Figure).
Variations in thickness of the case wall may be enough to show up as bulges.
Even the bottom of tranquil Yellowstone Lake, where tourists lazily fish trout, bulges and deflates.
This time, three executions show a vicar, a young female nurse and a little old lady with not one but three bulges as they munch the individually twist-wrapped milk chocolate sweets.