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Synonyms for bulbous

Synonyms for bulbous

shaped like a bulb

curving outward

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Mr Morgan said: "When I suggested we photograph the captain standing on the bulbous bow, they all looked at me like I was a tiny bit mad, but the fact it hadn't been done that was why we had to do it.
The trail looks like it's on Mars, and we follow a dotted white line up and over the bulbous rock formations, often on the very edges of white-knuckle precipices.
We sought to determine if repeat placement of an AUS preserving the bulbous muscle complex is a safe, effective option to manage these difficult patients.
While the Cardinals Stadium's unique bulbous exterior borrows from the barrel cactus, a fixture of the surrounding desert landscape, the naked steel lattices and skeletal framework of the NYSCC bears a purposeful resemblance to a prominent fixture on the West Side waterfront: the George Washington Bridge.
Inside their containers, bulbous, dismembered feminine bodies hung in space to evoke "the future of mannequins," according to one dude who smoked incessantly beside me, banging on a bongo.
On the other hand, there is the case of the Chevy SSR Concept, which was translated fairly undiminished into the SSR production vehicle, the retro-truck with the bulbous, curvaceous surfaces: "The concept vehicle for the SSR was done in a computer.
AMC Pacer: The car masquerading as a goldfish bowl, its unique bulbous glass rear end was a styling cue that was hard to miss.
The bulbous structure under the aircraft's belly housed the search radar's antenna.
Tabletop accessories, like vases, were overscaled and many relied on bulbous shapes for newness.
But it's a top-fermenting ale, to be poured with care into a bulbous glass.
Delightful, quiet interludes came when Alioune Vieux Diop would appear onstage by himself, playing the traditional kora instrument, (something like a harp attached to a bulbous guitar), and sang sweet songs that sounded like storytelling or lullabies.
Fencing higher than my head surrounds an array of pipes and wire and bulbous tanks and fences and stacks.
A conventional LPG ship has a box-shaped tank that stretches to the bow, and is equipped with a bulbous bow, which protrudes at the bottom and lessens the impact of waves.
The latter means that the population graph which used to be a normal pyramid (widest at the bottom, narrow at the top) is changing into a bulbous creature, narrow in its footing, bulbous in the centre and square at the top.