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small bulb or bulb-shaped growth arising from the leaf axil or in the place of flowers


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Results indicated that planting method had a significant effect on bulblet number, but the weight of mother bulb and bulblets was not affected significantly (Fig.
In the latter case, the plants first form small, underground bulblets, usually after a period of cool temperatures, before any sign of life appears above ground.
Root and bulblet development will continue into spring, and tops may appear.
They form clusters of underground bulbs that, unless every one is uprooted, will continue to send up shoots and form new bulblets of their own, spreading throughout the garden.
Bulblets and glands are totally lacking in the two sterile plants in our sample and the frond shape and division pattern are not reminiscent of C.
But, unlike a lot of bulbous irises, which flower once, then split up in the ground into a lot of non-flowering bulblets for a few years, 'Katherine Hodgkin' is reliably perennial, producing flowers every year.
Rhizome not elongated (internodes indiscernible due to closely overlappiingnodes), leaves clustered near apex; pinnules near middle of blade not dissected to midrib (pinnatifid); bulblets often present (found on the underside of leaf); leaf blades usually widest near base.
viviparum) form small bulblets aboveground on leafy green stalks; when the stalks hit the ground, the bulblets root in the soil, which explains why they're also called "walking" onions.
You can bury the pot and then, after two seasons, dig it out again and divide some of the bulblets for replanting.
New shoots will appear from the base of the bulbs after a few weeks and new bulblets will form on the base.
We always grow ours from sets which are the small bulblets of onions grown from seed last year and stopped before they get too large.
Then dig up the tulip bulbs carefully, making sure all the bulblets are gathered up, lay them on the fleece and cover them with a few inches of soil.
Place an old pair of tights around them to collect the spawn, the tiny bulblets.
Snowdrop bulbs produce new bulblets called offsets.
Each scale of an Asiatic hybrid lily typically produces one to three pea-size bulblets, while trumpet lilies make three to five marble-size bulblets per scale; both types produce mature plants in two to three years.