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Synonyms for bulbil

small bulb or bulb-shaped growth arising from the leaf axil or in the place of flowers


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5 cm, lateral pinnae 3-5 pairs, pinnae base cuneate, entire at margin, thin-chartaceous, greenish when dry, without bulbil at the apex of the terminal pinnate.
tequilana, including inflorescences, developing bulbils, leaves, roots, anthers and stem.
Yams belong to the family Dioscoreaceae and are members of the genus Dioscorea, which produce tubers and bulbils that are economically important [3].
At this time of year, the bulbils are still firmly attached to the weeds' roots.
Observations on phyllotaxis, stellar morphology, the shoot apex, and bulbils of Lycopodium lucidulum Michaux (Lycopodiaceae).
It spreads by seed or the bulbs, depending on what type it is, producing smaller bulbs called bulbils, which are hard to eradicate.
Analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of extracts from the bulbils of Dioscorea bulbifera L.
gadam sorghum) and 3000 sisal bulbils and suckers distributed.
Above ground, these small bulbs, now called bulbils, appear where leaves meet stems.
Some ferns, such as the soft shield fern polystichum setiferum, occasionally produce bulbils along their central stem.
If you intend to save leek bulbils, cut the heads before there are hard frosts.
If you spot small bulbils at the joint pull these off and plant up in pots of all purpose compost.
They produce seed heads on top of the stalks with bulbils (seeds) that can get up to marble-size.