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  • noun

Synonyms for buildup

the result or product of building up

a systematic effort or part of this effort to increase the importance or reputation of by favorable publicity

Words related to buildup

the act of building up an accumulation

the result of the process of accumulation

highly favorable publicity and praise

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The 319 aluminum alloy pump residue was composed of a large number of complex and randomly mixed phases without any apparent structural directionality that could be linked to the electromagnetic field and/or the layered buildup of the deposit.
Cash value buildup to be taxed as a transfer of property.
If the entire buildup in CSV was assigned to the employer, the employee could avoid taxation on such income; however, this would reduce the benefit of the insurance to the taxpayer.
Peak and average hand force, as well as force impulse during torque buildup, were calculated.
Manufacturing engineers try to keep die lip buildup to a minimum since periodic cleaning requires downtime.
The working groups wanted a smooth curve for the benefit buildup pattern, avoiding discontinuities that distort termination and retirement patterns.
There are many methods for dealing with paraffin buildup in the industry, however none are as clean and cost effective as Petrozene.
Changing the angle at which the extrudate is drawn away from the die can change the placement of buildup on the die and make it easier to clean.
Their artery, walls contained large amounts of adhesion molecules, which aid the buildup of fibrous tissue and fat in plaques.
Coronary artery disease is the buildup of plaque - cholesterol, calcium and other substances - on the inside of the coronary artery walls.
OE-30 also can be applied directly to areas of extreme grease buildup for quicker results.
The blades overlap and are sized to allow a buildup of resinous material that creates the lining of the inside of the mixing chamber.
Xtend 800 is said to provide easy release with a minimum of buildup and, in one example, molds only needed to be stripped after 80 to 100 parts.