building supply house

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a store where builders can purchase materials for building houses and related structures

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Among Morie's customers are glass and automobile manufacturers, foundries, hardware and other retail stores, landscaping businesses, building supply houses, race tracks, baseball fields, tennis courts, golf courses, landfills and municipalities.
Champion is introducing their patented workbelt to the consumer market through home centers, do-it-yourself centers and building supply houses.
Trade customers supplied by the AA trucks include hardware stores, home centers, building supply houses, glass hops, contractors, and facility managers.
Contract notice: Planners benefits "technical equipment for the intended remedial measure the drinking water network in ubft (main building of the hospital), building supply houses and bed and 1.
lt;/li> <li>Target customers are building supply houses with retail customers generating 15% of sales, while wholesalers make up 85% of revenues.
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