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a system that is part of some larger system

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ABGs are capable of representing and simulating static system structures and dynamic behaviours of different building subsystems.
This is achieved by identifying and activating tradeoffs that lead to efficient operation of the building subsystems, e.
We are seeing that the market leaders in building subsystems such as security, access control, air conditioning, lighting and fire safety have started to embrace converged IP-based networking, which will lead to a broader adoption of twisted pair in much the same way that convergence occurred between voice and data services decades ago.
80 per square foot, with a partial deduction allowed for building subsystems.
Re-directing the thinking to that of a "whole building" concept rather than separate, independently designed building subsystems
But he said that there was room for small member states with smaller contractors too, that it would be "absurd" for them to build combat aircraft where none already exist but that they "should aspire to building subsystems and components software put together by big contractors who would increasingly become systems integrators in the future".
Additionally, a partial deduction of 60 cents per square foot would be provided for building subsystems.
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