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a system that is part of some larger system

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ABGs are capable of representing and simulating static system structures and dynamic behaviours of different building subsystems.
Re-directing the thinking to that of a "whole building" concept rather than separate, independently designed building subsystems
Additionally, a partial deduction of 60 cents per square foot would be provided for building subsystems.
Invitation to tender: purchase of software solutions for pec - building subsystems for management of specific waste, in accordance with the specification of procurement
The new IBMS helps SMU react to continuously evolving energy load patterns, and allows SMU to easily adapt its power usage to address the constantly changing needs across multiple building subsystems.
The system shall utilize intelligent distributed control modules, which communicate over an EIA-485 BACnet controller network The system shall provide the Direct Digital Control (DDC), Energy Management and Building Automation System for the air conditioning, heating and ventilating systems and shall interface with other microprocessor based building subsystems.
Especially with the advent of IP networking, building subsystems are converging to a point that traditional approaches to underlying infrastructures are being replaced by more modern practices.
It provides for the design, engineering, documentation, analysis, and management of building electrical systems, including lighting, power, fire detection, security, communications, and other building subsystems.
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