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Increasing demand for the product leads to higher production of the building material and contributes to the major extraction of raw materials that generate a high percentage of waste.
Most building material companies and factories in the Kingdom prefer to transport material by land.
Chen of Taiwan Green Building Materials Council estimated new regulations to create business opportunities worth approximately NT$100 billion (US$3.
16 (BNA) -- As part of its strategic plan and in response to the growing demand for building materials in the kingdom, the General Organisation of Sea Ports (GOP) has transformed the former main container and general cargo terminal, Mina Salman Port, into a dedicated import and export Building Materials Terminal (BMT).
Bahrain General Organisation of Sea Ports (GOP) said it has succesfully turned the Mina Salman Port into a dedicated import and export building materials terminal with its first shipment of construction materials last month.
However, there was a decline in the average prices of a range of building materials groups during September.
This national training Program is the first of its kind in North America to provide lumber and building material dealer personnel with educational information about green building basics, and it requires that participants view online video modules and take rigorous tests to demonstrate knowledge of green building techniques and green product choices.
Approaches to dealing with the spread of impervious surfaces go beyond changing the building material itself.
Weighing out options in alternative building materials and methods can be difficult not just in product choice, but also in deciding what can be afforded.
Wood is the only building material that comes from a renewable natural resource.
He expects lumber to remain the building material of choice.
com) is a leading building material supply company serving the Utah and Idaho markets.
Wood that is not reusable is often chipped for use as boiler fuel or mulch, or made into a building material known as medium-density fiberboard.
Another building under construction, a large multi-family home, uses recycled 4x4-foot pallets sheathed in 3/4" plywood as a major building material.
The recent disclosure of findings by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) regarding the September 11, 2001 collapse of the World Trade Center towers has borne out what the Concrete Alliance has been saying since 9/11--that cast-in-place reinforced concrete, due to its strength and lower thermal conductivity rating, is safer than any other building material.
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