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Synonyms for builder

Synonyms for builder

a person or business that makes or builds something

a person instrumental in the growth of something, especially in its early stages

Synonyms for builder

a person who creates a business or who organizes and develops a country

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someone who contracts for and supervises construction (as of a building)

References in classic literature ?
Cornelius may be with whom a retired builder has such very large transactions.
There's the advantage of being a builder," said Holmes, as we came out.
The builders had attained the art of using cement, and of roofing a building, great improvements on the original Burgh.
All of these larger pi-pis--like that of the Hoolah Hoolah ground in the Typee valley--bore incontestible marks of great age; and I am disposed to believe that their erection may be ascribed to the same race of men who were the builders of the still more ancient remains I have just described.
The low houses of London look so much more homely than the tall ones that I never pass them without dropping a blessing on their builders, but this house was ridiculous; indeed it did not call itself a house, for over the door was a board with the inscription "This space to be sold," and I remembered, as I rang the bell, that this notice had been up for years.
Tarzan passed through several of these chambers, finding many evidences of the fabulous wealth of the original builders.
Shea Company, added, "Being named Builder of the Year is a tremendous honor that is shared by all of our Shea Homes associates and TradePartners[R].
Targeted applications of Wasabi Storage Builder for SSR212CC include streaming video and audio applications such as network video recording for surveillance applications;
The release of Flex Builder 2 for the Macintosh helps developers and designers build engaging Web applications that combine the benefits of desktop software with the reach of the Web.
Once the home builder understands the liability for employees' injuries and looks at the reduced cost offered by an affinity purchasing group, the business decision is clear," says Anne Davis, vice president of sales and marketing for HIA, Dallas.
NEW YORK -- Information Builders, the enterprise business intelligence (BI) standard of choice for organizations around the world, concluded its seventh year of semi-annual WebFOCUS Advisory Council meetings last week.
With Trade Portal, each sub or allied trading partner has a unique web site that accesses a record of their activity with their builder clients.
Objective Reporting Empowers Home Builders to Make Better-Informed Marketing Decisions and Capitalize on Their Marketing Investments
In addition to the Hall of Fame awards, BUILDER magazine presented the 2006 BUILDER's Choice Design and Planning Awards, recognizing the best projects in residential design.
We are excited about the integration with Mortgage Builder Software," said Brent Cavan, vice president, Clayton Compliance Services.