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Synonyms for bugle

a brass instrument without valves

a tubular glass or plastic bead sewn onto clothing for decoration

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play on a bugle

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But there seems this year to be even more of a buzz than usual surrounding bugling season, Pennsylvania Game Commission Executive Director Carl G.
The Wyoming Inn Elk Bugling Package rate varies depending on size and make-up of family groups; Fireplace, King-Fireplace-Jacuzzi-Kitchen rooms and extra nights are available on request.
With the arrival of shooting hours, lured deeper into remote areas by the siren's song of bugling bulls, the game becomes no less physical.
But I based our whole elk hunting scheme on an assumption--that we had to avoid people and ATVs to find bugling bulls.
And lured by the siren song of bugling elk, I began to sacrifice altitude.
Knowing from my experiuences the day before that the bull would not come into bugling or cow calling, I was convinced that simply cutting him off was my best option.
11, we heard a bull bugling at last light and made plans to go back the next day.
I heard two bulls bugling farther down the canyon, so I started after them.
After some sapling thrashing and more bugling by the bull, he presented a 17-yard broadside shot to my left.
With bulls still bugling all around us, the two larger bulls maintained a 100-yard buffer zone that we just couldn't penetrate.
After some cow calling and bugling the bull approached my setup.
Each year thousands of bowhunters head to elk country in search of the elusive wapiti, and each year thousands return home empty-handed, unsure of what went wrong at the last minute and why that bull of a lifetime wouldn't come in for a shot despite their best bugling efforts.