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Synonyms for bugleweed

a mildly narcotic and astringent aromatic herb having small whitish flowers

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Foods/supplements that may reduce thyroid function or the effects of thyroxine include high dose iodine/ kelp/seaweed, isoflavones, lemon balm, bugleweed, red rice yeast extract, SAMe, carnitine, celery seed.
These included lilac bushes, forsythia bushes, lilies, bugleweed, chives, hens and chicks, a few spring bulbs and some round rocks, along with pine bark for the ground cover.
COMMON NAME SCIENTIFIC NAME Bugleweed or carpet bugle Ajuga reptans Wild ginger Asarum spp.
Bugleweed (Ajuga reptans) is another good ground cover, which will form a thick, weed resistant glossy carpet in a year in a partly shady, slightly damp situation.
According to American Indian Healing Arts (1999), antidiabetic herbs include devil's club, barberry, uva ursi, Cananda and daisy fleabane, alum root, joe-pye weed, red trillium, wild ginger, clintonia, bugleweed, and flowering spurge.